Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Trip in Langkawi!

Actually this is last minutes vacation plan..I know this is gonna be fun with the whole family in n plus my nenek( yg sgt kuat berjalan) . So let me entertain you with how we enjoyed ourselves during those days. we went there on thursday morning..around 730am..n straight heading to changlun to fetch my sister up..but otw there, we tried nasi daging (beef rice) at Sg frist xlty we wanna hv mee udang as for our lunch but we changed since we wanna try nasi daging.. wow!! its super delicious i told you!! it was our 1st time to try nasi daging n we like it so much.. if u guys heading to somewhere in northern, u guys shud try nasi daging!! SERIOUS!! it was TASTY! Finger licking good babe!! nuff said!

We arrived Kuala Perlis jetty around 4pm..this tym we decide to stay around Cenang Beach since we planned to try their parasailing, jet ski n banana boat..n me managed to get a chalet near Cenang Beach. It costs us RM150/night for family room (2 queen bed). The chalet that we got juz ok..wut dya expect babe from the chalet (if ur not stay in 5star hotel)?? but the room is clean. plus the chalet juz next to the beach..VERY near one (open window, n u can see beach)..

the following day, me, ma dad, ikin, ican n ma sis (w/o ma mom, ma nenek n my eldest sis) went to coral sland! this was my 2nd tym.. last tym i hv tried diving but these tym only snorkelling since we planned to dive in Sipadan Island was fun n fabulous!! ha3..

Snorkelling at Coral Island near Salang, Tioman Island.
snorkelling at Coral Island

feeding fish with currypuff
the fish

next day we went chocolate shopping!! bought lots of choc (ferrero rocher, hersheys, snickers, whittakers, toblerone etc).. sempat grab whittakers for my shayang! i bought u almond gold taw! =)

whittakers choc!! yummmmm yummm..

we go back on saturday..leaved langkawi jetty around 1230pm..gonna miss langkawi..til we meet again langkawi..ha3..ok..gotta stop now since got somethng important to settle up..will continue writing soon...

wrapped with hugs n kisses...>_<

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